Senin, 11 Juli 2011

win a mulberry bag from motilo

hi guys Today l opened my email and l got an email from MOTILO  and they make a competition and the prize is Mulberry Daria, Alexa or Tillie bag, Who can resist? I think no one
so do you want to win? follow the steps

You can now win an iconic Mulberry bag from Motilo by clicking this link and following the entry instructions on the screen.

The more people you invite to enter, the bigger the prize will be.

5,000 likes? The Prize is a Daria clutch
10,000 likes? The prize is an Alexa
20,000 likes? The prize is the new Tillie.

How it works:  You must enter by 4th of August 2011. On that date, if there are 5,000 likes on our Facebook page, the prize will be the lovely Daria clutch bag. 10,000 likes? The prize will be the Alexa. 20,000 likes? The prize will be the new Tillie bag worth £825. The final prize depends on YOU and how many likes you can get.

Put your Facebook and Twitter friends count to a very good use. You can thank Motilo later.

Follow this link to enter



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