Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

Style Yourself book

Style Yourself 
by jane aldridge

Style Yourself is the perfect personal-style handbook for fashionistas of the digital age. This video gives you a sneak peek of the book, presenting the best of the world's top fashion bloggers, with tons of outfit ideas and expert tips that show you how to apply high-fashion inspiration to your everyday wardrobe.

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Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge and almost every other well-known fashion blogger on the planet have imparted their style advice in a comprehensive new book called Style Yourself (WeldonOwen, $24.95), which is billed as “inspired advice from the world’s top personal style bloggers.” Everyone from Tavi to Susie Lau to Jazzi McGill is in there (as well as contributions from 92 other bloggers). The book is in essence a guide to styling for everyone from aspiring fashion bloggers to regular folks who don’t know the difference between a dolman sleeve and a bell sleeve and how to tell which style looks best on them.

source : http://fashionista.com

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