Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

100112 jogja-solo

hello all :)

l was going through my long holiday now, and to fill this long holiday me and my friend went to jogja and solo. we tried to vacation with backpacker style, away from bandung to yogyakarta by train take 12hours to jogja.

in the morning i was arrived in jogja yeayy finally :D.. we immediately find a hotel to rest for a while, after resting we go for walk around jogja use transjogja, i liked go out in the afternoon because the sun in not enough to sting :), 

the first place we visited is pasar beringharjo. in pasar beringharjo there are various kinds of goods like, batik and other accessories


Pecel sayur
food from jogja, consists of vegetable kale, bean, noodles, doused with peanut sauce on it and chicken satay to complement.. emm yummy

in the past keris serves as a weapon in a battle.

wayang is an art performance that rapidly growing indonesia in java and bali

at night we continued our jorney to Tugu jogja, we end the first day in jogja because tomorrow we will move to solo :D..

gudeg jogja

because there are some obstacles we finally arrived at solo was night. and we can not linger in solo, enjoy solo at the night with Wedang Ronde

after that we continue to pantai siung di gunung kidul in order to see the sunrise :D
pantai siung was so amazing still unspoiled and like we're the owners of the beach :))

edwin meet mr crab

this is my first experience and so amazing holiday with my friend :D



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